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    December 15, 2008 :: Elijah in 24 Hour Plays on Broadway

    Elijah participated in a Broadway play for the 8th annual 24 Hour Plays. In only one day - six plays were directed, written and performed. You can view pictures from the event at 24hourplays.com. Click on Shows and then proceed to Scrapbook.

    Unfortunately for all Elijah fans who have been looking forward to Tim Burton’s animated epic 9 - you have to wait a few months more. IMDbPro reports that the release of 9 has been delayed from December 2008 to 9 September 2009, yes, that is 9-09-09.

    Finally, there is a video of Elijah on the film set of Alex Iglesias’ Oxford Murders with his co-star Leonor Watling. This video is dated 02/02/2007. To view the video - visit blinkx.com.

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    December 10, 2008 :: Wood Goes Animated For Post-Apocalyptic 9

    Source: MoviesBlog . He”s been a penguin with happy feet, and now Elijah Wood”s next animated adventure is going to make him a ragdoll.

    “I”m actually just finishing work on an animated film called “9,”" Wood told us when we caught up with him at Alicia Keys” Black Ball. “It”s based on a short film Shane Acker did a number of years ago. It”s a beautiful short.”

    Tim Burton is producing the full-length feature from Acker, one of the WETA Digital animators on “Return of the King,” and Crispin Glover, Jennifer Connelly, John C. Reilly, Martin Landau, and Christopher Plummer are among the other voice actors. Wood plays 9, one of nine mechanized rag dolls, “who kind of have the soul of humanity in them,” he said. “It”s basically about a post-apocalyptic world where machines created by man have destroyed mankind, and these nine ragdolls go about trying to find out what has happened and what these machines are about.”

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    November 15, 2008 :: Paul Stillwell’s Elijah Painting

    I heard from a good friend that Elijah Wood was filming his new film in Bushey, north London. My friend in Belgium (Rebecca) who is a big fan, said if I was going she would come over and go with me. So she and her boyfriend Robin came over to England on the Eurostar train and we agreed to meet up in London and drive to Bushey. As we arrived there we saw a huge old fashioned University, and Robin noticed trailers and spotlights outside (his new film story is about a University student), so Robin said… ‘It must be there!’

    Paul Stillwell is an artist that paints various celebrities and then ask them to sign the paintings. He has created a painting of Elijah as Frodo, which Elijah signed while filming in London. View more of the pictures at Paul Stillwell’s website. Gorgeous painting Paul!

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    November 10, 2008 :: Elijah Attends Black Ball

    Source: Faded Youth (includes pictures). The evening festivites began with a cocktail party followed by a seated dinner with extraordinary live performances by Justin Timberlate, Joni Mitchell, Jack White, Emmanuel Jal and, of course, A.Keys.

    The star-studded annual benefit dinner aims raise funds and assist children and families in Africa who are living with HIV/AIDS. A-list attendees included Chris Daughtry, Elijah Wood, John Mayer, Tyra Banks (in Michael Kors) and Zoe Kravitz.

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    November 5, 2008 :: Elijah Sighting

    Source: Heidi Koleto. /../ It got even worse when they saw that Elijah Wood was at this particular screening. The second the movie was over they rushed over to him and just stood there, staring at him. I would have loved to meet him (and slyly ask if he wanted to be in a student film for free) but I didn’t want to throw myself into the crazy fan group. Oh well, I doubt he would have wanted to be a restaurant manager anyways.

    Sorry for the lack of updates, but Elijah has been extremely anonymous lately - there really is not much going on at the moment.

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    October 30, 2008 :: Elijah in Spyro

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    October 23, 2008 :: Elijah in Chile

    Source: Terra.cl | Translation: Lady Lariren. “FRODO” SHOWED HIS FACET GIVE ” POLITICAL ANALYST ” AND PUBLIC INSPECTOR DECLARED HIMSELF TO OBAMA Elijah Wood supported a relaxed and pleasant meeting with the press in his second visit to Chile, but he spoke responsibly and very convinced when it consulted him for his intention of vote with a view to the presidential ones of USA (TERRA.cl)

    SANTIAGO, October 08. After landing 24 hours ago in our country invited by Jorge Yarur, Elijah Wood had his awaited meeting with the press.

    Because “Frodo”, who yesterday in the evening moved up to the neighborhood Bellavista to taste a few pizzas, declared himself delighted with his second visit to Chile.

    The conference, which was effected in the dependences of the ” Museum of the mode “, was the excuse that had to travel up to our territory, which it expects to cross in the couple of days that he thinks to remain for these sides, accompanied of his sister.
    In the beginning of the appointment, the 27-year-old actor spoke about the enchanted thing that had to do part of this initiative to him.

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    October 10, 2008 :: Gallery Update: Captures

    I’ve updated the gallery with over 200 new screencaps. The following albums have been added. If you have any pictures or screencaps you would like to share with the rest, do not hesitate to send in your contribution!
    MTV Awards Daily Show
    OM Feature SXSW Radio
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    September 27, 2008 :: Elijah Signed to New Agency?

    - Has Elijah signed to a new agency? Elijah Wood signs with Joanne Colonna/Brillstein Entertainment Partners

    - Elijah will be featured on Biography Sunday (October 5 @ 7:00 AM) by the Biography Channel. You can download the episode: [1] [2] [3]

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    September 21, 2008 :: Watch Adrenaline Junkie

    AJ Source: WBN In early September, Water By Nature was proud to be involved with Ginger TV and their filming of ITV - Jack Osbourne – Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie, Series 4. Jack Osbourne was joined by Elijah Wood, for a two and a half day trip down the Zambezi River to Moemba Falls.
    The journey takes in all the best rapids including “Stairway to Heaven, The Midnight Diner, The Mother, Oblivion, Open Season and Upper Moemba.” Although we don’t want to spoil the show for you, we can let you know that there was some “action” at one point on the trip for Jack and Elijah.
    Elijah Wood, famed for his many movie roles including “Back To The Future Part 2” but more noteably as Frodo in “Lord Of The Rings”, had never camped before, but by the end of the trip was a convert, sleeping out under the stars for the duration of the river trip.
    This trip is un-doubtedly, one of the most filmed Zambezi River trips, with views from the river bank, on-board cameras, helmet cams on Jack and Elijah and footage taken by helicopter as well. Whether you are a past Water By Nature Zambezi client and want to re-live the rapids, or a potential first timer to rafting, this will give you a real insight into this world classic of river journeys. Watch the Clip

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